✩ Global Energy Overview ✩

 As we enter the first days of summer, global energies are getting stronger and deeper, in a way more intense than before. It’s really inviting us to surrender even deeper, and loosening control in many ways.

Whereas a month ago it was more of a turbulent whirlwind energy, this one has the depth of the ocean within. It is really a play of ebb and flow, with impressively high waves and a fierce current to pull the water back again.

 What it asks from us, is to master the art of riding the waves. The deep surrender lies in allowing our body, heart and intuition to guide the actions, and give the mind a little break.

Check in with yourself, at least once a day: what is the true energy that is moving within and around me? Is it the intensity of a high wave, asking me to surf, balance and peek? Or is it the depth of the drawback, asking me to integrate, rest and sink into grounding?

Both are equally valuable, and support us in the growth and richness we are looking for. When moving with the ebb and flow, instead of trying to force the sea to dance to your ideas of what it should be like, open yourself up to aliveness in its full spectrum. And surrender.

In the high peeks of energy: nourish your body with shaking, dancing, singing, movement. The power of release, where all your cells will be so grateful for.

And in the deep lows: nourish your body with slooowing down your movements, touch, healthy food and delicious rest (meditation, naps, whatever feels good for you).

Dance with the rhythm of nature, and know that every cycle repeats itself 


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