Guidance Trajectory

I’d love to journey together with you, during a longer period of time.

By traveling together for a couple of months, we can dive deep into your being and life, and I can fully be present in all that arises.

If you haven’t worked with me before, I’d advice you to start with booking a single session.

From there, I have two beautiful ways to travel with me, as you can see below.

If you feel that this isn’t custom made enough for you, feel free to contact me for further explorations.



I had a series of sessions with Gaya to help me set up my business and I feel I can honestly say that those were the most powerful coaching sessions I have ever experienced!

All sessions were so on point and inspiring. It was incredible, every time Gaya intuitively felt exactly what I needed! She listened so well and felt my needs and wishes. She guided me with so much clarity, love and grace. I’m so so grateful our paths were crossed!

After working with Gaya I feel more empowered to stand in my truth and I am less afraid to speak it. I feel my own power in my body now. I also gained the right insights and I got to know myself better. I feel that I am worthy to ask the right amount of money for my services. Me and my business still benefit a lot from this journey!

Gaya is an incredible loving and joyous person. I would recommend working with her definitely if you want to bring out more of your authentic being!


Gaya has an incredible power to guide people to their inner truths. I reached out for a session in a moment of confusion, doubt and feeling stuck she was able to easily shift that in a beautifully soft way by taking me on a journey to the answers within. She uses her gift to bring more light and clarity into any given situation. Just her energy in the room alone is already healing, aside from the magic she actually does with it  I’m so grateful for the support! Highly recommended!