(Y)our Heart can be firm and powerful.
Clear in direction, and almost forcing you to go Her Way.
Pretty impressive…
Yet, luckily, Her base is one of softness.
A whisper, a soft call, to lovingly heal the screaming of the world.
Last Sunday, The Netherlands celebrated Liberation Day, as a Remembrance of Liberation of the World War II.
At this moment in time, in 2019, there is a renewed call for Liberation.
We sense, more and more, that it isn’t so much ‘the outer world’ that is creating war.
And that it isn’t about sending goods and prayers to ‘them’.
We realize, more and more, that these events are an outer representation of our inner war.
The conflict in ourselves, that wants to be seen.
And healed.
The fire that is raging through us, that we all take our part in.
As a human channel, we take our part of the world’s confusion.
Innocent and responsible at the same time.
We cannot escape this confusion.
Instead, we are asked to rinse it, clear it, embody it to be resolved.
At times, it may feel like a thunderstorm.
Wild, chaotic, rootless – or the suppressed counterpart of that: numbed, depressed, stuck, dense.
It touches you, it reaches you, calls upon you: to be liberated.
These are the emotions, the feelings, the frequencies that want to be uplifted – by us.
Through us.
And with us.
The remedy to this intensity?
Not rejecting it or fighting against it, but allowing it to move through.
It connects us to the parts of ourselves that want to make war, made war (in this or another lifetime), are connected to war.
So it can be flushed away all together.
So let yourself be moved.
Breath with it.
Dance with it.
And don’t isolate yourself in it.
With people you trust, love, care about.
Let yourself be supported, uplifted, held.
So everything can move through a channel of love.
And let the Earth support you.
In her abundance of elements, let her nourish you.
Lay down on the ground.
Shake it off in the wind.
Put your intentions into the fire.
And sink into the water.
You are so welcome

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