The moment a dear friend showed me the book of the Gene Keys, I felt goosebumps all over and got a big smile on my face. This was something special… And there would come a time that I was going to fully dive into it.

I also felt the spaciousness in time, the profoundness of the material and that I could just relax and wait until it was my time. And when I set my intentions last New Years Eve, the image of the dragonfly came by…

Yay, it was time!


Even though I was on some level already pretty familiar with the Gene Keys, for example by using my Wisdom Keepers Oracle cards and hearing about Maya’s journey, it was a totally different experience to thread the Golden Path myself.

The Golden Path is a beautiful and sacred journey within yourself, and in my opinion the best and most profound way to dive deep into the Gene Keys. Where I feel Human Design is great to be received by a reading or a session, the Gene Keys are all about self discovery. Nobody knows you better than you, and it is so beautiful to reflect on the Gene Keys within the context of your own life.

Yet, of course, it is wonderful to exchange your contemplations and discoveries, and be held in a group field while journeying. That is why I felt a big YES to joining this Deep Dive program, a virtual retreat with others in the Gene Keys community.

I have voyaged through the Activation Sequence myself once before, which was beautiful. And now I’ll take that road again, together with others, and I can feel how rich and expanding this will be.

And I’m gonna shamelessly promote this retreat, haha, because I wish that everyone gets to discover and unlock the magic within themselves. It is a perfect time, with all the turmoil going on in the world, to dive within and unlock your beautiful genius!


A few of the many things I love about the Gene Keys:

♡ The gentle, breezy, sparkly and yet deep and profound energy of the teachings;
♡ The presence and voice of Richard Rudd ~ his transmissions are amazing;
♡ The many layers of discovery, so that you can always enjoy more sides of yourself;
♡ The openness for your own way and pace of journeying, within a clear and steady framework;
♡ The versatility of the study material, and the freshness of the website.


So, if you are interested in exploring the Gene Keys: come along! There is already a lot of free materials on the website, and also the YouTube channel is highly recommended.

Enjoy the ride!


PS. If you select my name at the check out in case of purchase, you gift me a beautiful gift as an affiliate of the Gene Keys ❤