In this period of time, we’re being asked to agree on measurements.
To cooperate with society in its current form.
To listen to the voice of the government.

However you choose to relate to that, it is a voice that you cannot deny in your daily life.
You can take it for granted, rebel against it, ponder on it in silence or discuss it with friends.
All of it are ways to digest it, to process.
And then to align your life with it.

This is an ‘outer voice’, that you can (and probably will) choose to listen to, at least to some extent.
It gives you something to relate to.


But what if it causes you stress?
What if it overwhelms you?
What if it presses the anger button inside of you?

We as humans are so used to immediately connect listening and feeling to acting.

You can reflect on yourself, on the last conversation you had.
Did you pause, after someone shared something?
Did you take a moment to digest what (s)he said, and really let it slide through you – before responding?
Did you consciously create space to leave your own story for a moment, just to be with the other?

No blaming at all, when realising this – it’s just how we learned to have a conversation.
Act, react, act, react.
Keep on talking, solve ‘problems’ as soon as possible, keep the pace high.

But you know…

There is a thing that our human nervous systems respond to very, very well.
It is the feeling of being heard.
Truly heard.
The feeling when someone listens, with their whole being.
Timeless, spacious.

Can you remember such a moment, such a person?
Who gave you all the space you needed, to share yourself?
And who didn’t interfere, while remaining present and loving?

Well, that.


Of course, it would be amazing if that would be the new standard for communication.
Or at least, to some extent.
That people would be willing and able to share a moment of truly listening.

The beautiful thing is: this way of listening is a gift to yourself as well.
You don’t have to do anything else than love another human.
You don’t have to think of a resolve, find arguments to agree or disagree, relate your own life story with it.

You can just relax and be present.

And, who knows, you might get a little bonus in receiving someone else’s wisdom, tears, gratitude or fire.



Take some time to listen.

Whether it is to yourself, to your loved ones, to nature sounds.

Whether you feel familiar with it, uncomfortable, challenged or relieved.

Invite someone to share.
And Listen.

Do nothing while listening.
Be as present as you can be.
Lean into it.

Just listen.

And breathe.

Let all the sensations, feelings, ideas come up – and don’t act on any of them.

Just let them pass through you.

Your nervous system will thank you for it.

And sigh.


And, as I started this blog with the voice of the government…
See if you can listen to her as well.
Just as to any other voice.

Listen, and don’t react immediately.
Let it stir up things within you, and let it flow again.
Take some time to digest.
And then choose your actions with care.


Photograph by Aurora La Luz,
together with Simone / All is Within