I love road tripping.
One can totally light up my day by saying: Let’s go for a ride! Adventure, cruising around, not knowing where to go – or knowing exactly where to go, to a beautiful destination. The Sagittarius in me is so happy with this combination of playing with destiny & adventure, and I can assure you that you have a good dose of travelling vibes with me in your car.
Well, so far for the promotion of me as a physical traveling partner 😉
What came through me this morning, was more around the inner traveling, and the roads taken over there. I came to ponder on this notion of ‘spiritual bypassing’, that flares up regularly in the darkness versus light debate.
It is mostly used as a negative term, to state that someone is ignoring something valuable within their human experience. It is sometimes defined as ‘unwilling to look at your shadows’ or ‘trying to flight your way out of your pain’. Not grounding enough, not embodied enough.
Yet, I feel that it is actually quite impossible to spiritually bypass something that deeply wants to be lived or looked at. Yes, you can ignore some of the invitations to dive within, to some extent. But in the end, you’ll get there – whether it is in a more or less straight line, with one or many detours, in this life time or another.
The beautiful essence of spirit is that it is infinitely creative in guiding you towards your highest excitement and your deepest pleasure. Aside from your personal soul’s path, which might have a more shadowy or light shade in this life time, you are definitely here to experience deep fulfillment and a feeling of being loved and celebrated.
In whatever way you walk your path, you will always be guided towards that sensation, that feeling. And yes, you will most certainly meet challenges and shadows and obstacles along the way. Because that’s the play of this Earthly adventure – otherwise it wouldn’t be as exciting and rich.
And you can make it as (non-)suffering as you will.
Suffering merely exists when you exclude one part of the shadow-light spectrum out of your awareness. Out of your open welcoming arms, out of your loving heart. It exists when you discard either the shadow or the light, and feel that you can only be happy/complete/thriving when you live/are the other part.
Suffering arises when you drench yourself into an obstacle, when you identify with your challenges, when you cannot feel the spaciousness of your breath within the darkness.
Suffering also arises when you fly ungroundedly high on your spiritual insights, cannot connect with the world and others around you anymore, when you cannot reach your feelings anymore because of the dissociation of your body.
Balance is the key.
The journey of allowing it all to move you, and take you to new horizons.
As you read this, you might notice where your personal preference lies. Enjoy that feeling, it is very healthy to have a preference.
I can surely tell that my pathway is very well paved towards the light side. In my childhood, dissociating was a daily activity to escape from the traumatic environment I lived in. You could call it spiritually bypassing. And it was.
And oh my god(dess), I’m so intensely proud and relieved and glad I did this – otherwise I probably wouldn’t be writing this article in the here and now.
In this same here and now, I feel pretty integrated, yet I can still see my tendency towards and safety in treading the light path. Many times being fully in my power with that, and sometimes more in my anxious younger self, that isn’t trusting the earthly adventure to be safe enough. And I feel so much compassion for both sides of me.
Others might be more comfortable with shadow work, consistently diving into the darkness, and really expressing their innate power in that. With the risk of hanging in there to an extend that is keeping them away from the lightness that makes life more easy and breezy.
And of course, there are many flavors in between.
Every flavor has its strengths and its Achilles heels, its power and its protective mechanisms.
Can we meet them, see them, with as little judgement as possible?
With love and open arms, trusting the flow of life to bring us where we need to be?
Spiritual ‘bypassing’, or detouring, can be a very healthy way of not processing something directly when it comes up. It can be a beautiful, creative sideway, to postpone the timing or setting for looking at your shadow. And I explicitly want to celebrate the creativity of our Being to be able to do this.
You are fully allowed to bypass, detour, side walk at any time. Because you don’t have to face it all at once. You can play with Source, Life, God, or whatever you call it, by sometimes gracefully accepting an invite, and sometimes politely (or not so politely) discarding it.
No thank you,
not this time,
not in this way.
Because if it is relevant, it will show up again. In another circumstance, life event or relationship. And who knows, that might be the perfect match for a direct stairway to heaven.
So hop along, beautiful travelers of life.
Don’t criticize yourself or others on taking a detour, moving too fast or too slow, not looking at things.
You have no idea, and you don’t have to.
Just hit the road 😎