Written transmission

Dear Soul,

We warmly welcome you into our arms.

Let us guide you, nourish you, welcome you home.

We will both anchor you and lift you up to your highest potential.

It is a co-creation, and we are so honored to work together.

As One.

With love,
Gaya & spirit team


A written channeling creates a gateway to communication with Source.

Any question, themes and/or desire within you can serve as a portal:
Your personal ‘yes’ to fully receive an abundance of insight, healing and empowerment.

I, Gaya, will open my field to serve as bridge between you and the higher realms.
Our spirit guides will then merge and transmit all their guidance to you and your life path.


The adventure starts with your question(s) or theme, sent to me by email.

I will take my time to tune into your current state of being, and write you the channeled message that comes through.
In general, you will receive your message within 5 days after transferring your payment.

Pricing for this channeling is based on a sliding scale from 65 ~ 85 euro (*).
You can match the pricing to your financial situation, and/or use your intuition to guide you.


So… Are you ready to receive? 🙂


* If you rather pay with another currency, you can check this website for currency conversion rates.

What an amazing channeling. I felt goosebumps from the very first moment of reading. It is so recognizable and beautifully written. It feels very warm and affirmative that everything is okay, just as it is. It is also an extra validation for the being of my son. Wonderful.
Thank you for your energy and love.


Thank you! Thank you very much for your channeling.

The clarity and beauty touch me deeply.

You are truly a good fairy! 🙂

I have printed it and glued it in my journal, that I can read it again and again.



De channelings via Gaya zijn een bijzonder mooi kado aan mezelf. De vragen die ik stelde zijn beantwoord, maar niet op een manier zoals ik verwachtte. De antwoorden zijn met heel veel liefde geschreven en hebben diepere lagen. Als ik ze teruglees om de zoveel tijd haal ik er elke keer weer iets anders uit dat op dat moment waardevol voor me is. Een aanrader! 


The first time I received a channeling from Gaya was life changing. I was stuck in an interaction with my professional work and also in an interaction with a woman I was deeply in love with.
The answer I got didn’t literally answer my question yet the emotional shift I experienced was very intense. It started with tingling feelings and shivers over my body, followed by crying for a few minutes. The pressure and restlessness that I was feeling that week while going through those processes dissipated. I was liberated. Truly life changing.