Current co-creations


✩ With Roos Krijnen (Yoga met Roos):
Verzachten, verlichten en ontspannen – Yoga & channeling voor het 3e oog

✩ With Simone Wiewel: 
Re-Connect from Within: a Women’s Chakra Journey.

✩ With Lore Blancke (Intimate Breath): 
Sacred Cycles – A Women’s Journey.

✩ With various facilitators: Group channelings.

✩ With various facilitators: Channeling courses.


Working with me

I have traveled quite a journey in the field of personal development, conscious awakening and energy alignment. Some of my specific fields of interest are:

  • Energy work (a.o. constellations and systemic work, channeling, healing)
  • Human Design
  • Bodywork (a.o. breath work, emotional release and Tantra)
  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Touch
  • Intuitive and creative writing
  • Plant medicines
  • Working with children

If you feel the desire to create together, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Karin has the courage to reveal herself and what is true for her. This gives a lot of trust in co-creation, knowing that she will not be holding anything back, so the waters stay clear so to speak. She has a clear sense of what is beneficial for the group field, for individuals, and for herself. She is a clear reader of simultaneously the group field and herself, and an intuition of knowing what people need in order to reconnect/resource with themselves. She has a lot of genuine love, interest and compassion for everything human, and is able to relate to all states of being.

Marie en Troy