I invite you into my space. My womb, my place, my field of energy. It is a nourishing, exciting and magical place to be. Light yet deep, with a vast amount of life(s) experience. Exciting and transformative. Warm and loving. And also a bit edgy. It’s not for everyone.

Connecting with me will rock your boat. It causes waves of releasing, shedding skins. It might puzzle you sometimes, and feel shaky under your feet. The process of rebirthing, aligning with the life you have chosen to live.

My promise? It will be the most awesome reality you can step into. And: I will be there with you. I’ve got your back. I’ll light the way ahead. And I’ll be by your side.

You were born to live, not to survive. You are here to fully enjoy this mind blowing, heart opening, amazing ride of life. All inclusive. And to be together in that.

You are here to LEAP. DIVE. And RISE.

So the question is: are you ready?



Karin has an incredible power to guide people to their inner truths. I reached out for a session in a moment of confusion, doubt and feeling stuck she was able to easily shift that in a beautifully soft way by taking me on a journey to the answers within. She uses her gift to bring more light and clarity into any given situation. Just her energy in the room alone is already healing, aside from the magic she actually does with it  I’m so grateful for the support! Highly recommended!

Susan, CA

Susan Anna Nysingh

In the past I have followed several therapies and coaching trajectories. At the moment, Karin is coaching me and in this trajectory all of my previous experiences come together. Karin has a natural calmness in her being, and she asks very effective questions. It feels pleasant that she offers an ‘exciting’ space to experience and learn myself, and to interpret my own process. Karin is safe, without judgement and right to the point. Every session ends with a meditation, it shows me on an energetic level what is going on. Thereby, my insights get a visual embedding.

Judy, NL