RISE mentorship

You are ready.

No doubt.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

There might be some fears joining you, and a little voice in your head wondering what the hell you are about to do.
Oh, the beauty of the protective mind.

But on a deeper level, you know you are ready.

You’ve done your inner work, you’ve courageously explored the dark places and met your illuminating light in the midst of this all.
I honor you deeply for that.

And now, you are ready to radiate your energy, your light, your magnetic field.
In your perfectly unique way, like no other can do.

It is time to (re)start.

And expand.

Time to live your truth even deeper.
Time to speak up, speak out, and show yourself.
Transform the world, by setting your field.

You are Ready.



RISE is for the ones who have explored their inner waters, and feel that they want to radiate their presence into the world.
They are ready to step up and speak out loud, and live their calling in the form of a (re-alligned) business.

During a RISE mentorship, I’ll be close by your side.
My full dedication is on supporting you in influencing the world with your powers.

I’m here to guide your energy.
To take you to levels you wouldn’t have thought were reachable.
And to be a crystal clear mirror, loving and honest.

We’re going to align your energy to your fullest potential, and discover what is needed for all of your being (mind, body, soul) to embody that.

And RISE together.


As the first step of this RISE journey, we will meet in a LEAP session.
In that space, we can both clarify your desire(s) and intention, as experience my flavor of working.

After that, I’ll create a proposal for a trajectory fitting your personal vision and situation.

The financial value of the RISE mentorship will be tailored to your personal journey.
You can find the pricing range of a LEAP session over here. 


So… Are you ready?