Yes, it’s Human Design time again 

I love how this system keeps on attracting me, seducing me to make love with it.
Inviting me to merge it’s deep, profound knowledge with my own intuition.

Not to be known and mastered by my eager mind so much, but to be absorbed by my energy field.

Sensed, valued, integrated.

And then passed on to those who invite me to come close.


As a Projector, I’m here to know the other, and to guide people with that knowledge.
It’s actually as simple as that – and what a beautiful life task that is.

The image shows how it is not so much something we as Projectors ‘do’, but just the way our energy field works – it immediately zooms in to the center of another being.
Energetically, I can’t help but making contact with someone else’s true and naked self.
The version of you that has not been conditioned by survival mechanisms, defending walls or fear based systems.

I just see you as your pure self.

This is just as beautiful and amazing as it sounds.
It is one of the reasons I walk through life with so much love for human beings, and fall in love so easily.
It is also the reason why many people love to share themselves with me ~ because I can see and meet them at their core level.

On the other hand, it is also the reason why some people feel nervous around me, or don’t even notice me (literally).
Because it’s not always their desire (or the right timing) to be seen at a core level.

It is such an amazing, interesting balance (and fine line) between being in deep service to those around me, and not taking the role of ‘the one that always listens’.
The latter scenario played out a whoooole lot, especially during my younger years.
And I literally got burned out by that.

By unconsciously absorbing all the energy of those around me, no selectivity at all, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t feel my own center anymore.
Over time, I learned that even though my energy field can connect deeply to everyone, I don’t always have to act on it.

Exactly that is the profound mechanism of Human Designs’ guideline: ‘Wait for the invitation’.
The curse and blessing of every Projector 

Nothing is as exciting and arousing as a correct invitation ~ pure magic.
But the temptation to saying yes as a default to any question, because of the fear of not being recognized and invited, is also present.
It takes dedication and practice to grow in that, and it’s more than worth it.


My own Projector journey started with relaxing and leaning back more.

Deconditioning myself from being the impactful initiator (hello Manifestors) or the energetic builder (thank you Generators), and sinking in to my role as a sensitive observer.
And patiently, in my perception sometimes endlessly, waiting for an invitation to share my wisdom.

Step by step, I got to experience how incredible that felt.
It both saved me energy from working on things that didn’t work out, as that it provided me with a whole lot of energy to do what I loved.

Literally every single service I now offer with Sense of Spirit started with an invitation from someone else, who wanted me to guide their energy in a certain way.
I really don’t have to think about anything


Right now, I’m at a point where I dare to trust that invitations will come, and am aiming to receive them fully.
Absorb them, see what they do to my energy field.
And choose.

I’m invited by the universe to be selective and very thorough in feeling what invitations are correct.
Where does my intuition say yes to?
Not a ‘hmmm, might be okay’, but a full body, sparkly, arousing YES!
The one that makes my body tingly and alive.

So that I can give full guidance to other people energies.

Because truly, speaking from my heart & design: nothing fulfills me more than being invited to see, sense and guide other people’s energies.
nd that is not about making myself small, it’s about stepping into my true power.
I thrive when I can teach and guide others how to thrive.

What a damn good life mission that is 


If you feel the desire to flow more effortlessly, to be in tune with life and to feel what it is like to thrive: fall in love with Human Design.
In whatever way.

And if you feel me with you in that, initiating you to this system in an accessible way: all it takes is a constellation 
I promise you: we’re gonna create magic beyond your wildest dreams…

Are you in?