You are here.

You are here to make a difference.

To Create,
To fall in Love,
To Thrive.

And all that is needed
is You.

Just You.

Showing up.

And again.

With all there is.

Including resistance
to show up.


You are here,
my Love,

You are here.

You already made it.

Step 1 is completed.


Now what?

: )

Ask your Higher Self that question:

Now what?

Whenever you manage to get out of expectations,
circling thoughts,
should do’s,
and other clutter.

Sit back,


And ask:

Now what?


What is awaiting for me?

What is nourishing?

What makes me smile?

And receive the answer.


Step into your own Channel.

With or without help,

With or without immediate joy.

Just open up

And ask:

Now what?

See what comes through.

And if that is nothing…

Then nothing is needed for now.


You are complete.

And all is well.

Your Well
of fulfillment.

I bow to you 


Photography: Aurora La Luz



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