Energy Clearing

In an Energy Clearing, we will clean your energetic field from all the traces of old patterns, conditionings, relationships, etc. that are not serving you anymore.

Often times, when going through deep transformation, echo’s and imprints of your old reality are still lingering in your field for a while. They can cause confusion, doubt or hestiation, or they form an obstacle to fully complete an episode.

An energy clearing can support you in coming to a full closure and really feel refreshed and renewed.

Me & my Light Team are specialists in deep, pure and careful clearing of energy fields.


During this session, we will connect our energetic fields, mine being in service to yours. While you lay down, relax and experience the sensations that come up, I will tune into the highest frequency of your field at this moment.

For the duration of the session, I will amplify your highest frequency and monitor my Light Team in clearing out all the energies that don’t resonate with that. Our intention is to create a crystal clear space, in which you feel stabilized and renewed.

My experience is that of being a ‘supervisor’, who oversees the field and adjusts where needed. At the same time, I surrender to the wisdom of both our Light Teams to do their work.


This Energy Clearing session can be performed either in the form of a live session, or in the form of a distance healing.

In case of a ‘real life’ meeting and clearing, you can find more practical information on this page.

In case of a distance healing, you will receive the transmission in your own home, or another favourite place. I will work with your energetic field at a distance.

We will set a time and date for this session to occur, and I will send you a message when I start. The clearing session will take about an hour, in which we will be energetically connected.

You will create a warm and beautiful space for yourself, to receive and open up to the clearing. I will perform the actual clearing in the first 25 to 30 minutes, and send you a voice message when it is completed.

The second half hour is just as important as the first part; integration is so valuable. We will stay energetically connected with you during that time as well.

Your investment in a distance clearing is € 85,-*.
For an alignment session, the investment is € 135,-*.


So… Are you ready for a crystal clear space?


*  If you rather pay with another currency, you can check this website for currency conversion rates.

Gaya has an incredible power to guide people to their inner truths. I reached out for a session in a moment of confusion, doubt and feeling stuck she was able to easily shift that in a beautifully soft way by taking me on a journey to the answers within. She uses her gift to bring more light and clarity into any given situation. Just her energy in the room alone is already healing, aside from the magic she actually does with it  I’m so grateful for the support! Highly recommended!


Gaya ♥

Wow, wat een mooi, uniek en inspirerend persoon! Wanneer je Gaya ontmoet gebeurt er direct al iets in het energieveld om je heen. Dat wordt lichter, zuiverder en liefdevoller. En deze energie is nog sterker voelbaar wanneer je met haar werkt.

Gaya’s begeleiding gebeurt veelal op een heel diep energetisch niveau, waaraan bijna geen woorden te geven zijn. Dit maakt het soms lastig te begrijpen, maar de werking is zo duidelijk voelbaar in elke cel van je lichaam. Voor mij heeft Gaya’s liefdevolle begeleiding een enorm transformerend effect gehad.