Personal Channeling

Let’s create magic, by communicating together with Source.

In your own space, in your own way.

With me as your guide, and with a whole team of Light Beings – gathered especially for you.

Get ready for a frequency bath, luscious and warm.

Custom made, infused with sparks of enthusiasm and the relaxation of feeling deeply connected. 

Are you ready?


I listened to her voice taking me deeper and deeper and I instantly started to cry even though it had only been a few minutes.. I heard the pitch it her voice change and guessed she had started to channel. I was feeling tingles around my heart space and was feeling overwhelmingly emotional.
I would usually feel uncomfortable about asking questions in a sense I didn’t feel worthy and wasn’t great at receiving but on this occasion I felt completely at ease and empowered to ask my question and was totally satisfied with the answer given to me from spirit via Karin. I could tangibly feel the energy of other beings in the room apart from the 3 of us. I had never felt it this powerfully before.
Karin is a kind and very powerful Goddess and is a fantastic channeler of Light consciousness.
And her channeled reading in English was perfect.
I would not hesitate recommending my friends and family to Karin’s magical healing services.
Blessed be to you Karin!

PK, United Kingdom

I received a beautiful channeled message through this earth angel. So authentic and truly loving, there was no doubt in my mind that I was hearing words from beyond this realm. Even though English is not Karin’s first language there was no flaw in the guidance coming through. I would highly recommend this very special experience. Jaclyn, United Kingdom