Online Trajectory

During an Online Guidance Trajectory, we will travel together during a period of 3 months, with five sessions as our anchoring points.

We will start by tuning into your desires and intentions, which will serve as the fuel and framework for our journey together.

During these 3 months, we will explore the deeper layers of your desire, the blockages you come across and the energetic blueprint that you came here with. We will travel through your energetic field, clear out what is no longer serving you and unveil the gold that is there within you.

In our last session, we will look back on your journey, harvesting and celebrating all the beautiful transformations that have occured.

The traveling goes deeper than just the online sessions; you will definitely notice shifts and revelations in between.

I will take you with me in my energetic healing sessions, and you are free to check in regularly in between the sessions.


For the online sessions, we will take about an hour to meet each other.
I recommend you to take an extra hour of private time afterwards, to relax and integrate.

In between the sessions, we will stay connected and you can check in when needed.

There are two packages you can choose from:


Package Content Price
Basic journey 3 month journey,
5 online sessions,
regular check in
€ 925,-*
Full journey 3 month journey,
5 online sessions,
4 recorded channelings,
regular check in
€ 1100,-*


If you haven’t worked with me before, I’d advise you to start with booking a single session, to get an experience of me and my way of working.


So, if you feel the spark to dive into this:

*  Payment in monthly terms is possible.

My sessions with Gaya have been truly transformational for my relationship, and allowed me to find a way through and with a situation that was incredibly challenging.

The guidance that came through was so accurate and also activated my own intuition and knowing in a deeper way.

Gaya works in a truly holistic way –  she encouraged me to engage with my whole body which made the sessions not just land in my head but actually be anchored IN MY CELLS.

Gaya holds impeccable space – the field of safety and love is pervasive and stayed with me for weeks after the session.

I highly recommend Gaya as a guide, spaceholder and catalyst for profound transformation.


Gaya has an incredible power to guide people to their inner truths. I reached out for a session in a moment of confusion, doubt and feeling stuck. Gaya was able to easily shift that in a beautifully soft way by taking me on a journey to the answers within. She uses her gift to bring more light and clarity into any given situation. Just her energy in the room alone is already healing, aside from the magic she actually does with it. I’m so grateful for the support!
Highly recommended!


Gaya weet een sfeer van openheid en veiligheid te creëren, waarin je voelt dat alles er mag zijn en je uitgenodigd wordt vrijelijk te exploreren. Ze is aanwezig met een zachte, vrouwelijke, licht speelse en
heldere energie. Ze begeleidt het proces, is daarin actief en deelt vanuit wat ze ziet of vanuit zichzelf waar nodig, maar zet je ook in je eigen autonomie en kracht om je eigen antwoorden te vinden. Dat ze zelf zo ver is gekomen en veel heeft uitgewerkt, maakt dat je zelf ook in de diepte en breedte (en hoogte) van jezelf kunt komen.