My personal Design


Finding out my personal Human Design blueprint brought a huge wave of relief and freedom into my life. It gave me tools on how to stop doing things that costed so much energy, and instead expanding my gifts in a way that uplifted me in many ways. I fell into surrendering and trusting life, and it has brought me to people, places and situations that go beyond my wildest dreams. A few concrete examples are meeting a beautiful love partner, being able to do the work I always loved and traveling to Hawaii to live in community, which has always been a deep desire.


For me, as a projector, it meant that I could stop initiating and manifesting, or working very hard to keep up with the people who are born to output their energy. My gift is to see, feel and guide others in how to direct and manage their energy. In surrendering to my design, I’m doing now what I most love to do: providing the support for others to live the most full and alive version of themselves.


To be honest in that, it is not something that happens overnight. The recognition and impulse to dive into Human Design is often an easier step than actually living it, in full surrender. The challenge is to meet your personal conditioning and those of your peers and society, and to lovingly transform them. But I can assure you: the gain is more than you could imagine.

So if you dare… step into your design and experience the magic.