Money Magic

Money, money, money,

It’s so funny.

Truly, it is ~ more than we realize with our minds.

The energy of money is light, playful, sensual.

It is time to release money from its heavy role:

The duty,
The strictness,
The contracts
and the fear.

It is time for you, for us,

to Rise
into true abundance.

To embrace the richness of your being,

and Thrive.


If money is a re-occurring theme in your life,
it definitely wants to tell you something.

That’s why it sparks energy.

Even though it may feel like an annoying buzz,
It wants to work with you
and through you.

Otherwise it would be neutral.



Are you willing to dive into the Field of Money Magic?

To discover what Money wants to tell you?

To fully welcome it into your life?

And to use it as a tool for transformation?


In a Money Magic session, we will create a space together.

A space, in which you will make love to money.

You bring your desires and blockages to the table,
and we will open the field for transmutation.

To release lack,
and welcome abundance

In many, many ways.


As money loves playfulness, I’ll let you dance with two payment options:

♥ You can choose to follow the pricing of a single session; € 125,- or € 195,-, depending on the length;

♥ Or… You can take it to the advanced level, and let the energy field decide what you are actually going to pay.
No thinking or consideration, just feeling how your body responds to prices.

(I’ll tell you more on this option in a personal chat, if this has your interest)



Are you ready to Make Love to Money?

*  If you rather pay with another currency, you can check this website for currency conversion rates.
** Any additional costs, like tax (only for freelancers/businesses) and traveling costs, will be charged in addition to the preferred amount.