Sense of Spirit

Sense of Spirit is an extension of what touches me the most: Guiding people (including myself) into the deepest truth of our being, to lay the foundation to live the most fulfilling life you can imagine. With so much love for all parts of you, both by me as by our amazing support Tribes in the whole wide Universe.

The name ‘Sense of Spirit’ combines my two main love interests: the sensual experience of being human, and the spiritual experience of being part of something way bigger.

In my experience, Spirit is not something ‘out there’. It is something deeply rooted in our human body, in our personal life and in connection with others. It is the energy that flows through us and around us at all times – and you can connect with it by using your very human senses.

Every one has their own favorite gateways to connect with Source, whether you are aware of it or not. Living in flow with life is something that is available to everyone, and the journey through life is to discover your personal excitement into that.

In my work, I love to travel with you in sensing your Spirit, and thriving in life. I love to guide on a very personal level, tuning into you in your unique way of being. Although I can easily tune into every corner of the Universe, I’m most interested in what is relevant for you.

Often times, it feels like unpacking gifts together, to see what is in store for you to enjoy life even more. Whether it is about relaxing more into yourself, or lightening your fire to share your gifts (even more), I’m there with you.

We’ll go deep, for sure, but we’ll make it an amazing adventure that you will take with you for a long, long time.

On behalf of all beings that work with me: We’re ready for you!


Wanna see how this translates into form?


Photography: Puck Jackie