Live Channeling (Q&A)

A live channeling creates an open form of communication with Source.

Any questions, themes and/or desires within you will serve as a portal.
It is your personal gateway to fully receive an abundance of insight, healing and empowerment.

I, Gaya, will open my field to serve as bridge between you and the higher realms.
Our Higher Selves and spirit guides will then merge and be translated into my voice.
In that way, all their guidance to you and your life path can be transmitted.


The session will take 75 minutes, with around 50 minutes of channeling.

After a moment of meeting and checking in, we drop into the channeling.
Starting from a guided meditation, we will slide into the conversation. 
In the end, we we will carefully take our time to gently come back.

Sessions are held online, by video call.

After the channeling, you will receive a voice recording of the channeling by email.
You can also choose to record the channeling by yourself.

Pricing for a session is € 125,- (*).


So.. Are you ready to connect?


* If you rather pay with another currency, you can check this website for currency conversion rates.

Gaya seated herself in front of us and explain that she would guide us through a meditation.
I listened to her voice taking me deeper and deeper and I instantly started to cry even though it had only been a few minutes.. I heard the pitch it her voice change and guessed she had started to channel. I was feeling tingles around my heart space and was feeling overwhelmingly emotional.

I was totally satisfied with the answer given to me from spirit via Gaya. I could tangibly feel the energy of other beings in the room apart from the 3 of us. I had never felt it this powerfully before.

Gaya is a kind and very powerful Goddess and is a fantastic channeler of Light consciousness.
I would not hesitate recommending my friends and family to Gaya’s magical healing services.

PK, United Kingdom

I received a beautiful channeled message through this earth angel. So authentic and truly loving, there was no doubt in my mind that I was hearing words from beyond this realm. Even though English is not Gaya’s first language there was no flaw in the guidance coming through. I would highly recommend this very special experience.

Jaclyn, United Kingdom

The first time I received a channeling from Gaya was life changing. I was stuck in an interaction with my professional work and also in an interaction with a woman I was deeply in love with.
The answer I got didn’t literally answer my question yet the emotional shift I experienced was very intense. It started with tingling feelings and shivers over my body, followed by crying for a few minutes. The pressure and restlessness that I was feeling that week while going through those processes dissipated. I was liberated.
Truly life changing.

Daan, the Netherlands

The energy that flowed when Gaya began channeling was palpable and powerful. I was in a very deep process when I began working with Gaya after having to relocate due to a volcanic eruption… The messages and energy that flowed in our first sessions reawakened my creativity and intuition in powerful ways. Issues that were very confusing to me became clear from the perspective offered by her guides.

Working with her was a very powerful blessing at that time that allowed me to close one chapter and begin another. I felt powerful energies moving through my body, and the potency of this vibration stayed with me for some time.

Working with Gaya always brings me to feel more present in my body, more whole within myself, and more clear in the knowing of what I need to do to move forward and beyond. I feel so grateful to connect with her!

Dante, USA