Liberation of the Heart

~ Let the way of the Heart shine through ~

The path of following your Heart’s guidance, is one of deep surrender.

It takes as much courage, as that it rewards you with the essence of Love.
Not just ordinary love, but the fully embodied activation of Love.

Love, beyond what you could imagine with your mental knowing.


The path of the Heart takes you on a journey of facing your deepest fears and shadows, unlocking your brightest light, and then dare to share that with the world.


At this moment in time, we are collectively freeing up all that stands in the way of truly experiencing (y)our Heart’s guidance.

Hearing it, feeling it, acting upon it.

And surrender to her powerful magnetism ♡


Let’s dive into your Heart together, in this journey of frequencies.

We will free up old patterns, heavy and dense energies, and clutter in our system that is no longer of service.

Without making any effort.

And by (not) doing that, we will be experiencing the deep relief of Liberation.


Your part in this journey is simple: commit, relax, receive and expand 🙂

It will be a magical combination of the bedding and strength of a group, and a fully personalized transmission for you and your unique being.


My gift to you is the full-hearted sharing of my frequency and energy field. One of clarity, trust, transformation and wisdom. Warm and light.

I will open my channel and receive, embody and radiate the frequency of Love in it’s pure essence. Without holding back.

The effect of that works like a tuning fork: it will set a high frequency you can tap into, and by doing so, you will automatically release the lower vibrations that are ready to be shed.

It will fully support you in freeing up your own energy field, and shine brighter than ever before 🙂


Traveling schedule:

✩ Group Connection Call, online meeting
✩ Personal transmission, send by phone or email
✩ Group Grounding Call, online meeting

Recordings of the group call will be sent afterwards – so in case if you cannot attend, you will receive the transmission that way.
And energetically, I will explicitly include you in the group energy.


Practical stuff:

♡ This journey will be held each month, alternating in English and Dutch. For the upcoming versions, see my Facebook-page.

♡ Group calls will be performed by Zoom (video calls), and be recorded for those who cannot attend ‘live’. You are fully free to take your own journey and listen to the calls later on.

♡ The journey will be.

♡ The personal transmissions will be in English or Dutch, adapted to your preferred language.

♡ We will journey with max 5 participants.

♡ Your financial investment will be € 55,-, to be payed after registration.

♡ Subscribe to this journey by sending me a message.

♡ And for more on my channelings; see this page.



Het bleek de ideale ondersteuning te zijn van het proces waar ik vanzelf al in zat. De reis door, in en naar mijn hart was intens, zuiverend en helend. De persoonlijke transmissie betekent veel voor me en neem ik dagelijks met me mee. Het was ook erg bijzonder te horen hoe het voor de anderen helemaal anders voelde, en hoe we tegelijk zo samen waren.
Ben erg dankbaar dat ik dit heb mogen ontvangen.

Lore Blancke

Intimate Breath

I was part of the journey in May and I’d love to share a bit of my experience ❤️

The liberation of the heart journey has given me the opportunity to experience connection, release and opening of my heart through the channeling and carried group energy. To me it felt like a remembering in the heart of who I am and what I am here to do, work with my heart. Heart work. The energy was soft like sweet waters and during the opening call and in my personal transmission healing water from my heart poured out of my eyes.

I (and my heart) felt held, supported, cleansed and liberated on a very subtle soft level! Like dense energies from the heart were released, making it lighter and more at home within myself 💗

Thank you, Gaya, for the beautiful journey!

Liza Hokke


Ik vond het echt een cadeautje! 
Dat ik er niet altijd fysiek bij kon zijn vond ik geen probleem, het is energetisch erg sterk. En zo kon ik het op mijn eigen gemak terugluisteren.

Simone Wiewel

All is Within

Vanochtend heb ik je (persoonlijke) afstemming beluisterd, en het was echt helemaal superfijn. Zo kloppend, zo passend, en super ontroerend. Alsof er van alles in mij smolt. Zo prachtig getimed en zo helemaal over mij. Heel, heel erg bedankt!


Tuinvrouw van Nature

Diep onder de indruk.
Zoo mooi, waar, bevestigend, guiding, liefdevol.