Take a LEAP into the unknown.

Honor your current state of being, and all that happened before.

And take the new road.

This one asks for courage.
It is not for everyone.

The unknown is a place of magic, surrounded by beams of light.

Dare to explore.
Dare to dive into the unknown.

LEAP is an initiation.
It guides you into a new reality, more expanded than before.

It is amazing – and it asks for you to step up.
And step in.

I promise you: it is worth the ride.

Transformation is the biggest gift it brings.
Shedding skins ~ releasing what no longer fits, dressing anew.
And oh, what an amazing dress (or suit) that is.

Are you ready for the LEAP?


A LEAP session is taking you as a starting point.
Your desire, your soul, your personality.
And that’s where I will enter the field.

In a LEAP session, I will combine intuitive guidance and mediumship with life coaching, healing energy alignment and body work.

I use many different tools, such as channeling, constellation work, Human Design and creative writing.

And well… As with every LEAP, we won’t know what happens exactly until we meet 🙂


LEAP sessions are held in Holland (near Utrecht) or by Skype.

Regarding the length: I love to bathe in timelessness, within a safe container.
I’d advise you to reserve 2,5 hours session time + some extra time for yourself afterwards, so that you can relax and let the session integrate.

This session is the initiation of a three folded trajectory: LEAP ~ DIVE ~ RISE.
For the time span of 1 ~ 3 months, we will journey together into the magic of your Being.

When you follow the regular trajectory, a LEAP session is fully included – so no money things to think about.


And when the LEAP is taken…