This is for the ones who have the courage to stand out.

For the ones who walk the path of transformation.

For the ones who have that badass mentality of taking the risk.

Again and again.


This is for the ones who are in love with life.

For the ones who are willing to meet darkness and light.

Heaven and earth.

For the ones who find joy in that feeling of being fully alive.


This is for the ones who are ready to shine. To radiate. To beam.

For the ones who take their fears with them, with love and care.

And for the ones who then leap anyway.


I invite you on an initiation. An adventure. A new ride.

To embrace where you’re at, and expand even further.



LEAP ~ DIVE ~ RISE is a three staged journey, which starts from a desire.

That desire can be something yet unknown.
A bubbling, tingling or itching feeling on your inside.

It may also present itself as a blockage; a loop of thoughts or a repeating pattern that doesn’t serve you anymore.

And sometimes…. it is pure pleasure that guides you towards me.


We will travel together during a period of 1 ~ 3 months, with three sessions as our anchoring points:

♡ It all starts with your LEAP of faith, a jump into the unknown;
♡ Followed by the exploration of your undercurrent in the DIVE;
♡ And ending in celebration and expansion during a RISE session.

The traveling goes deeper than just these three moments; it really is a journey through time and space.
So in between the sessions, I will be your partner in conscious crime as well.
We will stay connected, and check in where needed.


For every session, we will take 2,5 hours to meet each other.
And you can nourish yourself with an extra hour private time afterwards, to relax and integrate.

Pricing for this trajectory is 525 euros */**.


So, the only remaining question is… Are you ready?

*  If you rather pay with another currency, you can check this website for currency conversion rates.
** Any additional costs, like tax (only for freelancers/businesses) and traveling costs, will be charged in addition to the preferred amount.