When I was 17, the doctor said I should be careful with myself and my energy, because otherwise I could get into a psychosis. I almost had to laugh, because at that very moment I was in a deep state of numbness and depressive feelings – a psychosis sounded literally far, far out of reach. For as far as I knew what a psychosis was: I saw it as some crazy, maniac state of being.

Yet, today, when listening to the audio contemplation of the 61st Gene Key, it actually made sense. Because one of the things Richard Rudd mentioned, was that psychosis isn’t always ‘flying out of your body’.

In psychological terms, a psychosis is defined as a state of being where one has lost touch with reality. That can appear in many forms, and the Gene Keys shine light on what is called ‘mass psychosis’. This is not about travelling to other realms, but merely about being so stuck and fixated in the mind, that you can’t see reality anymore. It’s like a crowded gathering of obscuring beliefs and mental limitations.

Well, in that sense, I could see a truth in my doctors opinion in hindsight. Because I certainly didn’t feel connected to anything around me anymore, and I most certainly resided in my mind most of the time.


That being said, also the common view/judgement on psychosis (‘being out of your mind, going to crazy land’) wasn’t as far away as I thought when I was 17. Because about a decade later, I would get in touch with my intuitive gifts, my psychic ability and my delight in travelling different realms.

As my therapist back then said, after our first session: ‘You are guiding deceased people to the light like it’s your daily practice’.
It actually felt that way.

I was surprised that this was considered something special, because to me it felt like one of the easiest and joyful things I had ever done. With the great side effect that I finally stopped having nightmares, because my grandfather was no longer stuck in my energy field.

In the end, I never experienced a (diagnosed) psychosis. I wanted to disappear quite often, but the dedication to implement everything on earth kept on pulling me back. There was a repetitive voice, singing:

‘You’re here for a reason, darling.’

It took me quite some time and work to feel safe and anchor deeply into my own body, so that my amazing psychic gifts could be used optimally and healthy. It really feels like a work of art, of which I’m extremely proud 😊


Back to the 61st Gene Key.

What I love about the Gene Keys, is that they encompass the whole spectrum from shadow to light. So, when in the lowest frequency, the 61st Gene Key expresses itself as Psychosis. Whether that is a personal experience of losing touch with reality or this ‘mass psychosis’, it is a dense, unpleasant place to reside.

When this state of being is recognized, looked into the eye, and met with all the love available, it can shift into the Gift of Inspiration. You can then freely travel beyond the fixated mind, into a more heart based sphere of consciousness.

Inspiration tickles you, and nourishes your whole being. You can open up to reality as it is in its higher form, and download it into the here and now.

An excellent way to transform the Shadow into the Gift, is the use of creativity. Doesn’t matter in what form, but the expression of yourself in whatever way gives hands & body to the sensations.

So dance, paint, sing, sculpt, cook, decorate your space, etc. By doing that, you automatically connect heaven and earth.


For some reason, I’m guided today to share this view on psychosis. It surprised me a bit, because I’m not so much in writing mode lately. But well, something with creativity huh… 😉

And, above all, I’m sure that at least one person feels a relief when reading this. Or might feel acknowledged, seen, heard.

I have had many times where people with a psychosis reached out to me. Intuitively, they knew they could share freely with me, because I completely understood what they were experiencing. I could literally travel with them, and help them ground in it – because I was firmly anchored in this reality.

What I said to them most of the times was this:

“It’s all true what you see, hear and feel.
Your interpretation might be wobbly, as it could also be the experience of another person or another lifetime. By losing touch with your own physical body, the healthy boundaries of perception fall away. So try to get in touch again with this life, this earth, this here and now.

But know that you have an amazing gift, not a disorder. And life is worth unwrapping and cultivating this gift, so we can all awaken out of mass psychosis.”


With love,
Gaya ♡


(Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash)