Human Design

The moment you say yes to your Human Design, your life will not be the same anymore.


It will be the extended, expanded and at the same time way more relaxed version of You.

Because you dive into the true essence of you, your blueprint, your power.
The mechanics, dynamics and flow you were born with – in this body, in this lifetime.
This is all of you, in both infinite richness as crystal clear simplicity.

You just got to know.

Well, and live up to it.

The knowing is the first step.
It is not a mental knowing, though.

You can work with Human Design that way: reading, recognizing a lot, rejecting some parts, confirming and ignoring.
It does already a lot with your system – yet it is not the true dive.

Because there are infinite things you can learn, read, absorb on a mental level.
Yet living it is the key.

And therefore, you gotta Know.
With a capital K.

Knowing on a way deeper level: deep within your cells, your DNA, your multiple bodies, your energetic field.

Infuse it with knowing by experience.
By acting on it, trying, succeeding, bumping into things, feeling the relief and release.

By thriving.

It all starts with an initiation.
And then the journey unfolds.

Are you ready to dive deep?


Ps. Want to read more, and/or see your Blueprint already?

I can recommend this website in English, this one in Dutch, and this book as a beautiful starter. 
And I also love the way Ayla describes it: this is her page.

Ps 2. Want to read more about my personal (journey with) Human Design? Here and here you go