Group channeling (Q&A)

~ Bathing in a field of high frequencies and joyful awakening ~

That is what a group channeling feels like. Together with my team of Light Beings, I will provide a healing space for all parts of you that are not matching up with the highest version of yourself.

It is like shaking your feathers, or shedding old skins. By connecting to your highest selves, I facilitate the deeper connection between you and the magical world of Spirit. Every one of you is plugged in to Source already, and during this gathering you will experience the many sensations that arise from that.

During an afternoon or evening, we’re going to dive into a field of co-creation. Together, we rise above our known patterns and territories, and let Spirit guide us into new pathways. You can bring all your current themes, questions and sparkles to the table, and as a group we will play around with it.

I will function like a tuning fork; by stepping into my own highest frequency and excitement, I will evoke your vibration to rise up as well. During the channeling, I will give my voice to the higher realms, in whatever constellation they are present that day.

Let’s gather, so that the magic can unfold ♡


There is always room for new group channelings. My enthusiasm and joy are fully there, just as the deeper commitment to spread this magic all around. And from that point, as a true Projector, I’m opening myself up for beautiful invitations to come and shine my light.

What is needed for a group channeling to come to life, is a co-creator who facilitates the logistics. Organizing a location, a group, and the other practicalities that give bedding to spaciousness on all levels. Our common creation is a setting in which everyone feels safe, seen and nourished – including ourselves ?
As a facilitator, you will attend the group channeling yourself for free. During the channeling, you can relax and receive as much as any attendee. On top of that, you will receive a commission fee for every person that attends the channeling via you.
If your heartbeat rises when reading this: let’s get in touch! Send me a message when you feel the sparks, and we will travel from there on.

Two examples of previous group channelings:

Ik vond het een fijne, mooie en hele waardevolle middag. Annelies en ik hebben onze ervaringen nog uitgebreid na gesproken. De boodschap(pen) was en waren persoonlijk en tegelijkertijd voor ons allemaal. Helder, direct, helpend en liefdevol. Een spiegel om in te kijken zal ik maar zeggen.

Jij komt heel enthousiast en vooral heel betrokken over. Een prettige persoonlijkheid! En natuurlijk mooi werk wat je doet….Mag doen!


Wat een fijne, zachte energie! Ik ervaarde veel herkenning en steun tijdens de channeling, via antwoorden op mijn vragen én via de antwoorden op vragen van anderen. De channeling heeft me heeeeel veel gebracht, en nu de dagen erna nog steeds!


Wow wat een fijne, helende, zachte energie van thuiskomen bij jezelf in liefde! Herkening, bevestiging en het gevoel gedragen te worden.


Ik heb mijn eerste groepschanneling meegemaakt. Bij Gaya. Wat een bijzondere ervaring. Gaya die de boodschappen doorgaf, zo integer, zo duidelijk en zo herkenbaar. Het bracht mij rust, herkenning, het gevoel: ‘het is goed zoals het is’. De zachte en tegelijk krachtige manier waarop Gaya de channeling vorm gaf gaf mij een vertrouwd en liefdevol gevoel.


Gaya seated herself in front of us and explain that she would guide us through a meditation.
I listened to her voice taking me deeper and deeper and I instantly started to cry even though it had only been a few minutes.. I heard the pitch it her voice change and guessed she had started to channel. I was feeling tingles around my heart space and was feeling overwhelmingly emotional.

I would usually feel uncomfortable about asking questions in a sense. I didn’t feel worthy and wasn’t great at receiving, but on this occasion I felt completely at ease and empowered to ask my question. And I was totally satisfied with the answer given to me from spirit via Gaya. I could tangibly feel the energy of other beings in the room apart from the 3 of us. I had never felt it this powerfully before.

Gaya is a kind and very powerful Goddess and is a fantastic channeler of Light consciousness.
I would not hesitate recommending my friends and family to Gaya’s magical healing services.


I received a beautiful channeled message through this earth angel. So authentic and truly loving, there was no doubt in my mind that I was hearing words from beyond this realm. Even though English is not Gaya’s first language there was no flaw in the guidance coming through. I would highly recommend this very special experience.