Almost a month now into the Deep Dive, we are rounding of the Life’s Work theme >> see my previous post for more on that.

It is so beautiful to reflect on my Life’s Work from all the different angles and perspectives, both within myself and together with Maya (who isn’t attending the program, but is an advanced traveler of the Gene Keys – lucky me!).

Every time I read the highest frequency of my own Life’s Work, I get so excited – what a self love that is, haha. 

But, I mean, come on… How great it is that I’m here to be/radiate/emanate:

✰✰✰ LIGHT ✰✰✰

Or, to be a little more complete: to transform the shadow of Obscurity into Light, by using the gift of Idealism.

Because that is the way every theme in the Gene Keys works: there is a shadow to embrace, a gift to master and a siddhi (highest expression) to radiate.


So, one of the things I often hear from people, is that they feel much lighter and more clear after connecting with me. Whether it is experienced in a session, a conversation on the street or even just by writing me. Just by being with me, people receive more clarity (Light) and come in touch with their dreams and deeper knowing (Idealism). It gives them a relief from running around in mental clutter (Obscurity).

That’s the magic of my Life’s Work!

Of course, this is something I absolutely love. I love these parts of me for myself (it’s great to have access to so much clarity), and I love it even more to share it with others.

But, truth to be told, it is good to also know the prescription that goes with this, as side effects may appear… Because when interacting with me, nothing can be hidden or shuffled under the carpet. Everything comes to the light, whether your mind likes it or not. And you can either love that, or get triggered by it.

Some people state that with me around, there is always some stuff coming up. They realize their disturbing thoughts or limiting beliefs, or run into the things they tried to ignore before. And yes, I recognize that, mainly when people are on a journey of self development.

In the past, I have felt guilt and fear around this, because I didn’t want to always shake things up ‘unintentionally’. Especially not when others weren’t receiving this transformation with joy and excitement.
And, to be honest, I also didn’t always feel like processing obscurity with others. I just wanted to have fun!


One of the beautiful things I realized this month, is that for me, these transformations are very natural and move (often times) lightly and quickly. And the less I attach drama or heaviness to it myself, the less others do – or at least, it won’t attract heaviness-lovers anymore.

When I free myself up from the collective idea of it being heavy to experience transformation, it makes the dance so ecstatic! It changes and swirls and moves around, and whatever comes up can move along.

The most important thing for me is to stay anchored in my Light, and to radiate as bright as I want, so that the other Light lovers can recognize me. And we’ll dance together with all the messy, rough parts that want to meet the light with us, and bathe in the sunlight for relaxation.

So: lots of love and an abundance of LIGHT to all of you, beautiful beings!


And are you curious to your specific Life’s Work quality, and/or the Gene Keys in general?
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