While participating in the Deep Dive of the Gene Keys journey myself, I feel the sparks to share some of my insights and discoveries with all of you.

So here we go!


“What is my purpose?”

In this first month, we’re diving into our the Life’s Work, the first sphere of the Golden Path. It swirls around that question that a lot of people ask themselves:

➼ ‘What am I here to do?’

The beautiful thing is, that there is an immediate (non-)answer to that question given: it’s not so much about what you’re specifically doing, but about the quality you’re here to bring – in whatever you do. Whether that is doing the dishes, providing a service or performing on stage.

So a better question would be:

➼ ‘How am I here to be, in whatever I do?’

It might sound less relevant, but it isn’t.

First of all, your gifts can now expand to all area’s of your life; your ‘Life’s Work’ becomes much broader than the way you make a living.

In addition, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to explore, wander, go on adventures – without fixating on what you have to bring in a concrete way. Because the way you share your qualities is something that is travelling with you through all of this.

Richard Rudd uses the example of a plumber, and the many varieties in which you can plumb 


The specific Gene Key that is in the place of your Life’s Work gives you a beautiful transmission on the quality that you are here to unlock in others. It is under influence of the Sun, so it’s about a fiery energy that activates others in the very same quality that you radiate.

So whether it is the quality of Tenderness, Freedom, Innocence or Justice that you’re here to bring – wear it with pride, in all that you do ♡


I’ll share more about my own Life’s Work in the next blog.
A little tip of the veil: I’m here to embody the energy of Light through the gift of Idealism ✰


And are you curious to your specific Life’s Work quality, and/or the Gene Keys in general?
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