About me

According to the Gene Keys, I’m here to infuse this planet Earth with shining sparks from Heaven.
To connect with all the supportive energies in the Universe, and ground them in this precious Human body. And to keep on surrendering to the soft whispers of my Heart.

Well, I’d say (and have said): YES to that!

A little side note to all the amazing qualities and missions I’ve been gifted with, is that it took quite a transformational journey to get here. Because to shine your brightest light, you have to face your deepest darkness – and in my case, there was quite something to face.


Growing up in an environment of violence and abuse, I had no choice but to survive. Two times in my early childhood, I have traveled to the borderline of life and death – and I chose Life. When writing this, with tears in my eyes, I deeply admire the little girl inside me, who was willing to face the intense challenges with so much courage.

In my experience, Life is pretty fair in what you get – even when it doens’t look that way. Our circumstances match the equipment we receive, to face these circumstances. One of my greatest survival mechanisms was dissociation; traveling out of my body, into the Light. My ‘support team’ of Light Beings were always there to rest with and come home to, way more safe than the physical reality I was in.

The challenge for me after childhood, was (and sometimes still is) to experience home on planet Earth as well. To feel safe and present in my physical body, on this solid ground. To make this exact here and now my anchor, and ‘download’ all the great energies into that anchor. It takes quite something, and the journey is never finished – but I can proudly say that I’m arrivinig more and more, in a glorious landing.


My deep connection to the Light has given me a home base of unconditional love, safety and support. Fortunately, this is not an exclusive gift to me: all of us have received this connection to the greater Light as their birth right. The journey is not to attain it, but to become aware of it.

My greatest pain has become my greatest gift. By traveling across the Universe and experiencing all its magic and resources, I can now share this nourishing experience with others. People experience a deep feeling of safety, expansion, clarity and home coming when they are with me. And it touches me deeply to be able to facilitate that.

My energy is one of brightness, optimism, versatility and openness. I love to explore myself and others, especially in where our truth is hidden. And my deepest desire for all of us is to feel received in all that we are, wherever we go.


So, that’s me in a nut shell.

Plus, for those of you who want to know me in terms of astrological systems:
✧ I’m a 5/1 Splenic Projector (Human Design)
✧ I walk the White Mirror path of life (Tzolkin)
✧ and my Life’s Work is transforming Obscurity into Light by using the gift of Idealism (Gene Keys).

More of my life, my dreams and my energy can be read and felt on my blog, and feel free to reach out to me when something comes up for you to share or ask.

I’d love to meet you ♡

With love,






Photography: Evelien op weg

My Human Design chart