About me

Sense of Spirit is an extension of what touches me the most. Being close to people, including myself, in transformational processes, connected with the greater consciousness.

My life path is one of deep transformation, and of unification of all that seems paradoxical. Embodying the depth of my soul, transforming darkness into light. Again, and again, and again. And radiating all the aspects of transformation.

The fire of change, that destroys all that is no longer serving, from a place of desire. The earthly groundedness, that provides a solid base to enjoy the ride. The deep dive into the water, to sense below the surface what is hidden. And the rise of the phoenix into the clear sky, to thrive with all that has been gained.

My life circumstances serve this path in full alignment. Meeting the deep dark at a very young age, intuitively surviving and storing the trauma for later. Taking this survival to the next level, burning myself down with it. Discovering the place of silence, of knowing, of surrender. And dedicating my journey to expanding that point of deep trust and love, embracing my calling and sensitivity. Meeting each and every side of the earthly spectrum, from a place of vast awareness. Inviting all the paradoxes to be merged and healed.

My gift is my connection to the bigger consciousness. I can easily tune into the collective field, the higher realms, the energy field.

And my gift is to trust my senses.

I fall in love, time and time again, with the full being of so many humans, animals, plants and all other earthly creatures. And also with the spirit world; deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels and other forms of higher consciousness. Zooming in and out between the collective energy field, where there is no division in the first place, and specific energies that are serving one or more human beings at this moment of time.

I’m here to serve the awakening of the collective to this field, by guiding on a very personal level. I use my broad overview and ease in communication with energy, to pinpoint and invite exactly what is needed for anyone I meet. When you meet me, we go deep. Whether that is on the streets, in a dance or during a session.

I’d love to meet you ♡


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Photography: Evelien op weg

Photography: Evelien op weg