“Wow, Gaya… That name really suits you. I’m so glad you are here.”

The words still echo in my head, even though they were spoken a year ago.
I don’t remember the name of the boy who said them out loud – but he made me remember my name.



During a deep meditation on a retreat, in a room with hundreds of people, this boy walked away.
Dissociated, not connected to the physical earth anymore.

I didn’t know him, and was sitting at the other end of the room with my eyes closed.
But for some reason, I suddenly stood up and followed him outside.

Walking up to him, I saw him almost passing out, and I asked if I could help him get back into his body again. He barely responded, but a little nod was enough for me.

There we went.


Even though I knew my energetic powers, this went beyond what I had experienced before.

I felt like Mother Earth myself, and could almost effortlessly radiate gravity and grounding into his being.
And he plugged in.

I can only give as much as someone else can receive.

He fully received.

Floating far out in the Universe, I could meet him and guide him down.
Invite him into his body again, reassuring him that he is safe over here.

I could tell him, without words, that he is so welcome on this earth.
And that he is received, with all that he is.


Looking back, it felt like an initiation for both of us.

A beautiful synergy.

Him landing on this Earth, me embodying Spirit on a deeper level than ever before.

He not only allowed me to step in my full power, but he made me realize that these are some of the most valuable gifts I have to share with the world.

Connecting heaven and earth.
Embodying spirit.
Radiating trust.
Letting people experience the feeling of being fully received.


And: he re-membered me.

Remembered me with my name.


The name I’ve been given, on a deeper level than my birth name.


The name of the woman that is now ready to show herself.



It felt like home coming.

Exciting, peaceful, warm.
A combination of a light surprise and a deep knowing.

With a hint of nervousness; I had never even considered changing my name.
If anything, I found it confusing when others did.

My mind started to ramble, but I could catch it.

Not now.
Give it time.
It will unfold.

And so it did.


A year went by, with all four cycles.

I didn’t share much about the process, not even with friends, because it felt like something so precious and vigilant.

And yet, it traveled with me through the seasons.

About two months ago, the name appeared in my constellations.
A little note with ‘Gaya’ wanted to accompany my birth name – and it filled my heart with love.

Slowly, her name and energy started to feel more tangible.

And three weeks ago, she took her place. I took my place.



So… it is transitioning time.

With some confusion, tingles of both excitement and fear, laughter and joy.

I choose to take it lightly, and not step into rigidity.
Not to myself, and not to others.

I choose to follow the steps that come to me, instead of trying to logically make decisions.

And I choose to make this transition together.

To play with it, also in connection – to be deliciously incongruent in how I call and present myself, and allow others to do the same.

It helps, when others call me Gaya, because every time they do, I feel my heart open and my belly expand.


More on this will follow.

For now, I feel that the curtain may be opened.
It may be revealed.

I choose to share my name with you.


With love,

Gaya ♡