This journey called life is not there to be taken alone.
Even though you are the only one that landed in this specific body, your soul is unified with so many others.

Humanity is slowly moving towards this knowing as well, as a collective.
And we are the front runners, the torch barriers.
We are here to light the way.

And therefore, the first thing for us to do is to unify ourselves.
To gather, and to connect. To fuse our thoughts, our spirits, our bodies.
And to form group bodies of light.

Imagine how much easier, more joyful, lighter and more powerful it would be if you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.
If your light could easily be amplified by others.
If you don’t have to work that hard to gain everything yourself, but if you could play together.
Everyone expressing their authentic voice and doing what they love, and together rising the frequency of the planet.

A group journey, that’s what we’re embarking on.
With more and more visibility from each group member, and from us as a whole.

Let’s rise together ♡

Are you in?