You’ve taken that LEAP of faith – wow.

The new adventure has started.
And now, you are diving deep into your own waters.

You are meeting a new you.

You are welcoming yourself in this water, ready to explore.
It is exciting, and deep.
Sometimes rough, yet there is so much beauty to discover under the surface.

Within you, everything is already there.
Sometimes hidden beneath many layers, sometimes waiting for just a little invitation to arise.
Some of it you knew for ages to be there, some of it is a big surprise.
It’s the journey within that will unfold all of it.

Let’s swim together.

The water is yours, and I’d love to discover every drop with you.
I will swim next to you, sometimes moving up front to show you new treasures, or slowing down a little bit to cover your back.

You’re safe with me.

Are you ready to dive?


DIVE is the journey that begins after the LEAP.
We’ve met each other, sunk into the bigger consciousness, and you took that new step.
Wow, what an honor to be with you in that.
And at this point, you are ready to continue the road ahead, to dive within.

In a DIVE session, we set a clear container to dive deep.
In one or multiple session(s), tailored to your personal situation, we explore the field and align your energy to live the most true version of you.

You can read more about my sessions on this page.


A DIVE session is part of a threefold trajectory; preceded by a LEAP and followed by your RISE.

Regarding the length: I love to sink in and bathe in timelessness, within a safe container.
I’d advise you to reserve 2,5 hours session time + some extra time for yourself afterwards, so that you can relax and let the session integrate.

When you follow the regular trajectory, a DIVE session is fully included – so no money things to think about.

If there is a desire to DIVE deeper and more extended, it is of course possible.
And awesome! 🙂
In that case, we will adjust pricing to the length of the trajectory.


And… if your water is explored and you are about to surface: