Channeling course

~ A beautiful group journey to awaken (y)our Channel ~
……….✩ Remember ✩……….
That is actually all there is to ‘do’.
To re-member the state of being in which you experience yourself as a channel of Source. To say yes to that state of being, to allow yourself to open up to whatever wants to come through. To know that you are here with a mission, a purpose, a reason – and that you are ready to radiate. 
Awakening your channel is a journey, not a set goal. A journey into exploration, a walk through day and night. With sprints, pauses, crawls and jumps. And always with an abundance of support, guidance and love on your side.
In a channeling journey, we will gather as a group that is ready to (re-)awaken their channel. As an individual, and as a group. Everyone is already ‘there’, your physical body is the evidence that you landed on this Earthly plane as a channel. And now it is time to explore, to connect, to rise.

A group course in channeling is one of the most amazing, magical things that can arise through us. We rise together, all inclusive. And we see each other rise, as beautiful reflections of our magic.

Everyone can tap into their own state of being, perfect as it is in the here and now. And from there on, you will grow. We will grow. And you will be impressed of where you will meet yourself, two months from take-off.

At this moment, there is no channeling course planned. My enthusiasm and joy are fully there, just as the deeper commitment to spread this magic again. And now, as a true Projector, I’m opening myself for beautiful invitations.

What is needed for me to thrive in this, is a co-creator to facilitate the logistics. Organizing a location, a group, a setting in which there is spaciousness on all levels. In which everyone feels safe, seen and nourished – including me 🙂

So if your heartbeat rises when reading this: let’s get in touch. Not only are you giving yourself and me a great gift, but you also serve the many interested souls who would love to attend this journey. Send me a message when you feel the sparks, and we will travel from there on.